Cartas de presentación de médicos, enfermeros y auxiliares en inglés


Cartas de presentación de médicos, enfermeros y auxiliares en inglés

I have recently completed my PhD at National Institute of Agricultural Research and Technology (INIA) in Madrid, Spain.

I am currently working in the laboratory at INIA developing my PhD as a post doc. During my PhD I gained international training and working experience in The Netherlands Cancer Institute, in Amsterdam. I have developed my scientific career in the involvement of endocytic pathway in African Swine Fever Virus infection and its impact in the host cell, specifically in the first steps of the infection.

In both my current position and my PhD research, I have utilized multiple cell biology and molecular techniques including confocal microscope and imaging analysis. I am competent in design of experiment, and have had five papers published during my PhD in different scientific journals (please refer to my CV for details).

I have an excellent track record as a hard-working member of the laboratory team and I am always ready to lend a hand and offer suggestions when invited. I enjoy a close team dynamic and being able to confer with my colleagues about current projects. I gained experience working in an international laboratory while at the INIA was successful. I also presented different posters and contributions during my PhD in conferences (again, please refer to my CV for details). My research and writing skills have been well developed over the past five years of researching and my communication skills were further enhanced by the experiences I had during the year I worked as a leisure time instructor and, of course, in lab seminars and congress. Finally, I enjoy problem-solving, and I am keen to collaborate with your team. .

Thank you for your consideration of my credentials.

Yours sincerely,

Cartas de presentación de médicos, enfermeros y auxiliares en inglés.